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Did you know that you own your local power utility?

You Have the Power!

Every time you pay your electric utility bill or flip a switch, you and your community reap the benefits. In a public power community, a portion of the revenue is reinvested to improve and maintain crucial city services – such as fire, police, parks and roads.

Local Control

Local power means local control and ownership. It works for the benefit of you and your town – giving you a voice.


local power communities in Oklahoma


of local power revenue is reinvested back in Oklahoma communities, on average


Local power communities reinvest a percentage of you utility bill goes back into your town – supporting emergency responders, parks and roads.

Reliability & Accessibility

As a local power community, your utility service is dedicated to getting the power back. Because when your lights go out, so do ours.


of the time local power communities have no interruptions in service


households and businesses are served by an Oklahoma local power utility system

Community Service

Your local power utility goes beyond day-to-day electric service. We're committed to serving you, our neighbor, because we're part of the community.

Three Types of Electric Utilities

Public Power Utilities

  • Business Model:
  • Not for profit, community-owned
  • Regulation:
  • Local council
  • Governed By:
  • Elected/appointed boards – mayors, city council members, citizens
  • Average Local Reinvestment:
  • 19%

Rural Electric Cooperatives

  • Business Model:
  • Not for profit, member-owned
  • Regulation:
  • Some
  • Governed By:
  • Member-elected boards

Investor-Owned Utilities

  • Business Model:
  • For profit, shareholder-owned
  • Regulation:
  • All
  • Governed By:
  • Private Boards
  • Average Oklahoma Reinvestment:
  • 5%

How Electricity Gets to Your Home

The electricity is delivered from the power plants to your community over transmission lines. Large power entities lease transmission lines from each other, instead of building duplicate lines, to keep costs low. Your power is generated from coal, natural gas, wind, hydro and landfill gas. It travels across power lines spanning our state and ultimately, delivers energy to your home.

  • Electricity is generated at a power plant
    13,200-24,000 volts
  • Voltage is increased at the transformer station
  • Electricity travels across the state on transmission line
    69,000-765,000 volts
  • The neighborhood transformer station decreases voltage
  • Electricity is carried to your neighborhood transformers on distribution lines
    2,400-34,500 volts
  • The transformer on the pole decreases voltage before entering your house
    120,240 volts

Find Your Local Public Power Utility

Our local power systems serves 62 cities and towns across Oklahoma. Find out more about your local power utility.